Should I Hug a Tree Today?

So, what does that mean for me?  Hug a tree?  Worship Mother Earth?  Be at one with Nature?  Vow to re-cycle more?  Go on with life as though it's any other day?

I'm assuming that most of you are going with that last option.  But, is that the best option?  Maybe not.

During my 60 years of life I've noticed a few things.  One on the list is that Christians are, for the most part, reactionary beings.  We RE-ACT a lot better (or at least a lot more often) than we ACT.  Earth Day is a wonderful example.  We associate Earth Day with all those liberal, tree-hugging, Mother Earth-worshipping, Environmentalist whack-job, everything we do is killing the planet and I need a cause to live for and if you don't have my cause as your cause you're an idiot, save the whales weirdos.  So, when Earth Day comes around our #1 priority is to RE-ACT by simply not being associated with "those people".  We don't ACT.  We simply RE-ACT.  

The interesting thing about that...if you read through the gospels, that is exactly the opposite of how Jesus lived.  He didn't care who he was or was not associated with.  Even his reactions were premised on his earlier actions.  When he reacted to the Pharisees, it was, for the most part, based on their earlier reaction to him.  Jesus was an ACTER, not a RE-ACTER.  

So, what's your point, Tom?  I'm glad you asked.  My point is that we, as Christ-followers, need to take our cues, less from the world, and more from our Father.  What did He tell us?  Well, he never said "Hug a tree" or "Be nice to your Mother", (THAT Mother!).  But He did say, "fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”  In other words, be responsible for, watchover, care for, His creation.

And just exactly how do we do that?  Well, I guess part of that would include NOT destroying it.  Maybe there's something to this idea of not destroying the rain forests, and limiting the way we pollute the waters and the lands, and maybe recycling more and filling landfills less.  I haven't gone over to the Dark Side...I'm not worshipping Mother Earth...I'm just suggesting we might want to obey our Father, who made the Earth.  That's all.

That's all I got.  Gotta go hug a tree!


Why a Series Called "BRINGING SEXY BACK"?

Right now, at CROSSPOINT CHURCH, we're doing a series entitled, BRINGING SEXY BACK.  A series on SEX?  Seriously?  That brings up a few questions:

#1:  Why is our church spending four weeks talking about the subject of SEX?

Because the world around us is dominated and saturated with sex!  It's everywhere.  In movies, on television, in music and even in the supermarket checkout line.  And, most of it (over 95%) is portrayed as something that happens between two people who are unmarried.

The Church is bent out of shape because the world has got sex wrong, yet is terrified to address the subject out of fear we may make someone uncomfortable or cause them to blush.  So, while the world  continues to be immersed in the sexual gutter, the church allows it to be the only voice to speak up on the topic.  Meanwhile, we talk about transubstantiation and who is the true author of the book of Hebrews, while ignoring issues that are burning in the hearts of men and women every day.

#2:  What if my Junior High to High School student should be in the service?

First, you need to realize your child knows way more about this subject than you did at this age.  However, most of what they know didn't come from you, and certainly didn't come from the church, and probably isn't true.  They've got the "How To" down, just not the "When" or the "Why".

Parents, if this series sparks a conversation between you and your child on this subject, I consider that a huge WIN.  If you pretend your child is immune from from the cultural pressure applied to them on a daily basis, then you are deluding yourself, and may just be closer to becoming a grandparent than you think.

#3:  What if I'm single?

If you are single, then the last thing you want to do is spend four weeks listening to someone talk about what you're not supposed to be doing.  But, as a single, the most important thing you can do is prepare yourself for the future with a great, guilt-free, fulfilling sex life with the spouse He has intended for you.  Such a life doesn't just happen.  It takes planning and preparing and truth.

#3.5:  Again, why are we doing this?

Because it's time for the church to stop following and start leading.  We need to repent for allowing the world to set the agenda for what is wrong and right and have all the fun talking about sex....especially if they're just going to get it all wrong.  It's time the church took the lead.

And, that's why we're doing a series called, BRINGING SEXY BACK!


WHATEVER HAPPENED TO #livewellcrosspoint?

Remember LiveWell?  Remember that hashtag #LiveWellCrosspoint?  Remember all those statistics and scriptures and encouragements to LiveWell, to glorify God with your body?  That was a long time ago.  We've moved on to bigger and better things.  BringIt!  We learned how to worship.  We did Easter in a big, big way.  We had 2200 people in the house.  We saw people come to Christ.  We're moving on to ramp up marriages with BRINGING SEXY BACK.  

So, what about LiveWell?  Is that just a thing of the past?  Just a month of feeling good about feeling good?  Just a few weeks to think about eating better, exercising the body God has given us, looking at food as fuel, seeing health as a form of worship, and making changes and better choices?

I hope not!  I hope it's something that can can become a lifestyle.  Because, if it's not a lifestyle, then I just wasted my breath for about five weeks of my life that I'll never get back.

REMINDER:  Let's LiveWell Crosspoint!