Yesterday was the day before Easter. A few months ago, in a moment of insanity or inspiration, I'm still not sure which, I mentioned in a staff meeting that we should rent the local football stadium, hire a helicopter and drop a few thousand Easter eggs out of it. Yesterday we did it...with a few exceptions. We dropped 30,000 eggs. We had 15 inflatables. We had games, face-painting, popcorn & cotton candy. We gave away thousands of dollars of prizes. And it was all free.
We really didn't have any idea what to expect. I mean, we'd never done this before. Initially, we thought if 1,000 people showed up it would be a success. Then we reassessed and revised our expectations. We hoped for 1500.
I don't know how many people showed up yesterday. I know that after the parking team had parked 5000 cars they quit counting. I know that we caused such a traffic jam in Pearland that the Pearland PD had to dispatch 5 units to handle the traffic backups we caused for miles. (sorry!) I know there were people everywhere.
There were bleeps and blunders and things we would do differently. Like I told the guy from the Chronicle when he asked me if this was the First Annual Great Pearland Egg Drop, this was the first. Whether or not it's annual will be determined later.
What happened? We gave a gift to the community. Free...absolutely no strings attached. We invited them to join us to celebrate Easter in one of our 4 services, but we gave. At Easter, when we celebrated the greatest gift ever that was freely given to us with no strings attached, what else could we do, but give freely in return?



Whoa! Does that say what I think it says? Yep. That's what I told my folks Sunday morning. The reason we aren't more poassionate about reaching people for Jesus is that we JUST DON'T GIVE A DAMN! I'm sure many were surprised, shocked, offended, disappointed, just to mention a few responses.
Just out of curiosity, what's your response? No one walked out, but you could have heard a pin drop.
My purpose? To point out that most of us are more offended at the pastor using the word DAMN than we are that our neighbors are lost, dying and being damned to hell for eternity. We're more offended that the pastor cursed than we are that those that we call friends and family are living CURSED lives far from God. Kinda whacked, don't you think?
One more thing to think about...who's more offended? You, that I said DAMN, or God, that we just don't give one?
Ask God to give you HIS passion for your neighbors and friends and family and work associates and teamates that he loved enough to die for.