What do helicopters and empty tombs have to do with one another? Seemingly, nothing. So, why would we want to spend thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours on helicopters, Easter eggs, football stadiums, cotton candy and blow-up bouncy things? (even a mechanical bucking bunny!)
That's a great question. One that requires and demands more than one answer. First, we're doing it because we have a mission. Our mission is to introduce real people to a real God. In order to fulfill that mission, we have to meet people where they live. We have to think like they think and be interested in what they are interested in. Lost people in Pearland care about their kids and want the best for them. If we are to fulfill our mission, this is one opportunity to reach them.
Another reason we're doing this is because of who our competition is. Our competition is not the church down the street, (although in many of our minds, that's exactly who our competition is) but the world. We can't compete for the souls of the people of Pearland with the second-rate and the second-hand. We should be unapologetic in doing whatever we do with audacious gusto. The church should adopt a first-class or pass mentality. We can't throw out a bag of oreos and a pitcher of Koolaid and call it the party to end all partys. The world just isn't buying it.
Here's another reason for you. It's Easter. For Christians, it's the biggest...the holiest...the most powerful and important day of the year. The Church of Jesus Christ (the savior who left the tomb empty and the stone rolled away) has every, change that, the mandate to party like it's never partied before. The tomb is empty. The Lord is risen. He is risen indeed! That's not time to sit in a circle and sing Kum-ba-ya to one another. It's time to celebrate!
And celebrate we will! Hope you can join us for the GREAT PEARLAND EGG DROP. 20,000 Easter eggs dropped from a helicopter onto the floor of the Rig (Pearland ISD Football Stadium), cotton candy and popcorn, pictures of your child with the Easter Bunny, and games, games, games. Did I mention the giveawys....bunches of great giveaways. You could win a Wii or an iPod. Everyone will have a great time. Hope you join us!