Last night was CHRISTMAS AT CROSSPOINT.  Four services.  Four awesome services.  Here's what was accomplished:

*I think I can say with some sense of accuracy that we saw over 2,000 people come through our doors.  I say that based on the fact that we tracked the first 2 services well, and then there was the 6:00 service.  We had every seat filled, kids in parents laps, people lining all 3 walls, more chairs brought in, and even some giving up their seats and watching from the lobby.

*We had hundreds of people decorating cookies, making ornaments, and taking family photos in the Factory.

*We caused a traffic jam on Old Alvin road that backed up all the way to McHard Road.

*Our "I Love Christmas" video has had over 12,000 views just since last night.

*Jesus won a $250 gift card to Killen's Steakhouse. That's right! (Jesus Montemayor II)

*78 First-Time Guests turned in Communication Cards.

*And, most importantly, people came to faith in Christ.  And really...that's the only fact that really matters.  We exist to Introduce Real People to a Real God.

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

God's BEST!
Pastor Tom