Last Sunday, I talked about COMPASSION with our church.  I talked about how we, as a society, have become compassionately-challenged.  Much of our compassion has been reduced to clicks of a mouse at our computer.  “I’m so sorry”.  “I’ll be praying for you”.(whether we do or don’t is another issue…but we mean well)  Or the best one of all, (I say this extremely tongue in cheek) “Let me know if there’s anything I can do”.  Seriously? That’s the best we got?  Sadly, it oftentimes…most times is.

OK, OK, so we agree we’re compassionately-challenged.  In fact, I am the chief of sinners in this particular instance.  So, we’ve taken the first step.  We’ve come out of denial and admitted we have a problem.  Good.  But, that’s not the solution…just the first step to finding a solution. 

I think the problem may go a little deeper.  How about this…What does compassion look like?  I shared an example about heading to a hospital after sharing with God all my reasons…errrr…excuses why I shouldn’t.  That’s great, but compassion is not limited to visiting a guy in the hospital.  It comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. 

For you compassion might mean volunteering in MOVE and being a mentor to a 12-year old who cuts and is bullied at school.  For others, it might mean getting into the system and fostering some unwanted, needy kids, only to fall in love with them and then see them leave you, breaking your heart, but at the same time knowing you made an indelible mark on their lives that will last a lifetime. 

For some of you it will mean picking up the phone or dropping an email to someone who’s gone off the rails spiritually, emotionally or physically.  Someone who used to be your friend till whatever happened, happened.  It’s taking a risk with no guarantee it’s not going to go badly. 

Are you starting to get the picture?  Compassion is RISKY BUSINESS.  Compassion is not for the FAINT OF HEART.  Compassion is totally alien to those who have everythingPLANNED OUT. 

Compassion screws up all your plans.  Compassion makes your neat and tidy life extremely messy.  Compassion is inconvenient.  Compassion doesn’t go on a “To-Do” List or a Day Planner.  Compassion jumps out of the bushes at the most awkward times possible and screams, “I need you NOW!”.  But, it seldom…almost never…screams with an audible voice.  It just screams to your heart. 

Some hearts hear.  Some hearts don’t.  Some hearts have set their default to ignore. 

I think God designed us to be different than that.  I think He made for more than that.  I think He created us to change a messy world.

Get Messy.