Have you ever wished you could ask someone just one question about what to do with your kids?  What's a reasonable curfew?  What do you do if they break it?  What's the best way to discipline children?  When should kids date?  What happens when your kids have gone wrong? What do you do when you've blown it as a parent?

What is it you really want to know?  Now's your chance to ask...and get an answer.  You can ask any question you want an answer to.  But, you need to ask it now...this week.  Susan and I will try our best to answer them on Sunday, November 16th.  

You can text your questions to 22333 and begin your question with the word PARENT.  Your questions will be totally anonymous.  If you're not worried about the anonymous part, you can email me direct at  

All questions are on the table.  Nothing off limits.  All you have to do is ask NOW!


Great Words from Rick Warren

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple
And that God’s Spirit lives in you?
. . . God’s temple is sacred, and you are that temple.
1 Corinthians 3:16-17

      “Button up your overcoat, When the wind is free, Take good care of yourself, You belong to me,” are the famous lyrics penned by Johnny Mercer.  Embodied in those words is a basic human longing: the need to belong to someone who cares about us.  As teenagers, most of us dreamed of the day when that special someone would come along and say those magic words, “you belong to me.”  Sadly, however, for some of us that dream negated the responsibility of self-care.  After all, at some point in time, someone would come along and be responsible for our happiness.  For others, the longing for someone to love, appreciate, and value us turned into an endless cycle of being in love with love.  Although we usually think of love as a positive emotion, the exhilarating feelings associated with “being in love” can alter our moods and allow us to escape reality.  When used in that way, love addiction is every bit as destructive as drugs and alcohol, compulsive overeating, or binge buying.  Instead of trying to fill the emptiness inside our soul with a substance, we vainly try to fill it with relationships—and a compulsive need to be in love.

      Sadly, when we look for love in all the wrong places, we travel further and further away from the only One who can satisfy our hungry souls.  In our search for Mr. or Ms. Right, we often forfeit a right relationship with God, and in the process we fail to hear our loving God crooning daily, “Take good care of yourself, you belong to me.”  Throughout Scripture, we are assured that God wants us to take good care of ourselves because we belong to him.  We are important to him; so important, in fact, that he sent his one and only Son to die so that we might have life and health and freedom.  And, as objects of the Lord’s never-ending love, we have a responsibility to care for ourselves as he commands.

      The Apostle Paul reminds us that God’s temple is sacred, and that we are all his sacred temples.  God no longer dwells in buildings built by human hands; he dwells in our hearts through faith.  We are to be as diligent in caring for our physical bodies as the ancient Israelites were to be in caring for God’s temple.  And, should we fail to do so, we will suffer the same consequences the Israelites experienced when they allowed God’s temple to fall into disrepair.

      Part of living a life pleasing to God is loving what he loves and caring for what he cares for.  And our Lord is very clear: he cares for you and me—and calls us to love and care for ourselves as a reflection of that love.  Our prime motivation in caring for our bodies should always be so that we can offer them as living sacrifices to the One who died for us so that we can live for him.  God’s temple is sacred and we are that temple!

      Today, as you listen for God’s voice, I pray you will hear him crooning, “Take good care of yourself, you belong to me. And, having heard his instructions, I hope you will not put off until tomorrow what your Lord is asking you to do in the calendar square called today.

To accept the responsibility of being a child of God
is to accept the best life has to offer you.
~~Stella Terrill Mann



As I write these words there are 16 representatives of Crosspoint Church on the ground in Haiti.  They paid their way.  They took vacation time.  They left their families behind.  They're sleeping in less, far less, the 5 Star conditions, eating peanut butter sandwiches and working long, hard days serving people they've never met and, possibly, may never see again.  They give to people who have absolutely nothing to give back...ever.


I'm not sure I can explain that in words.  This Sunday, our Missions Pastor, Adam Bateman, Doug Barker, the guy who introduced me to Mission of Hope, Haiti and I will try our best to show you and tell you why.  Maybe it will be something you hear.  Maybe it will be something you see.  Maybe you'll see why people would head to a third-world country and come home richer than when they left.  Maybe you'll find your place in all of this.  Whatever the outcome, please listen and watch and see what God will do with your heart.

Se you Sunday!



This week we'll be finishing our series, MORE THAN A FAN.  So far Jesus has invited us to follow him, no questions asked...unless by us, of course.  Unbelievably, Jesus says,"Tag along, watch me, ask questions, even if you don't believe, just come follow me.  It's OK.

He warns us that, at some point, he's going to ask us to trust him.  Not with anything life-altering.  Just enough to let him show us who he is and what he's capable of...and that he can be trusted with so much more.

He'll challenge everything we ever thought about faith...that it's not just a matter of believing.  It's about living...fearlessly.Then he'll show us that the antidote for fear is to love unconditionally.  Love who Jesus loves and love like Jesus loves.

So, now what?  What else is involved in moving from the FAN column to the FOLLOWER column? Well, there's one more thing you need to know before you set out to follow Jesus.  In the spirit of full disclosure, you can't be expected to follow him unless you know all the details, good or bad.  So, look at the sticker price.  Price, you ask?  Oh, yes, there's a cost involved.  You definitely need to know the price before you check-out.

Can't wait to show you this Sunday.