NOTHING.  It's that simple.  There is nothing grand about any building.  A building is just a building.  Take the ASTRODOME for example.  It started off as the 8th Wonder of the World.  Today, it's just an eyesore that sits unused, costs millions of dollars to do absolutely nothing and has a city paralyzed and divided as to what its fate should be.  There's lots of emotional attachment there, but absolutely no practical worth.  The REASON: IT'S JUST A BUILDING!!!!

So why is this Sunday such a big day at Crosspoint Church?  Because we've got a cool new building?  Of course not!  Then what's the big deal?

The big deal is this: We have an OPPORTUNITY.  If you read through the New Testament, the men and women that God used to reach people never missed a great OPPORTUNITY, no matter what it was.  When Paul was in Athens he saw all the idols to the various false gods.  Rather than condemning them, he saw them as an OPPORTUNITY.  He used the idol to an unknown god to explain to them the name and identity of that God they didn't know.


We have an OPPORTUNITY to invite people.  That's what makes it a BIG DEAL.  So, don't miss it. People will come to a GRAND OPENING that would never come to "Church". 

It's just a BUILDING.  No big deal there.  The OPPORTUNITY it brings: Definitely a big deal!!!



That great theologian Dave Matthews seems to have written about my life.  Sometimes it seems like everyone around me has so much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to say....  I hear voices.  Don't worry.  They're connected to people.  They say things like..."Do you have that for me yet?...When are we going to get away?...What did you decide about hiring that guy?...I think we should buy this, don't you?...Can you meet with us at 7:00?...Here's where I think we should go with this...Are you coming to my ballgame?...When can we get together?...What do you want for dinner?...Have you sat down with her yet?...I think we have a problem...Have you..,Will you...Why didn't you...Did you forget?

All good stuff.  But, the reality is, it's just as easy to be totally overwhelmed by good stuff as it is to be overwhelmed by bad.  The reality is this: Sometimes, there are so many voices speaking at us at once, that we fail to hear the one voice we need to hear.  It's easy to get into sensory overload.  Take all the great people who tend to "say what they need to say", throw in a little television, some music on the iPod, a little talk radio, catch a movie, check some emails...and you've got sensory overload.

And, of all the voices that get crowded out, the first to go is that still small voice, as it's referred to in the scripture.  God never screams at us.  He never demands our full attention.  He just says, "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest".  That last word is the key.  REST.  All these other voices tire us, overwhelm us, make us anxious, make our to-do list unbearable.  Not-so with the still small voice.  It calms our fears.  It says, peace, be still.  We know when we're listening to His voice when we are not weary or heavy laden.  When we are rested and ready for what life has to bring.

Are you weary and over-whelmed and feel like there's too much on your plate for three of you?  Then I don't know everything about your life, but I do know one're listening to the wrong voices.

Turn some things off today...and listen.  Listen to the quietest voice.  There's plenty of voices with too much to say, too much to say....  Turn them off.  Get somewhere that you can hear the voice of God.  It's really the only one that matters.