I went to Oklahoma this weekend. It was my grandson's first birthday. Boy, do I feel like a dinosaur. They DO NOT do kids birthdays like they used to. Our kids got cake and ice cream, a few kids and a few presents. Now days (that even sounds old), it's a major production that takes 6 months and 6 months salary to carry off. I think if we planned a week, we thought we were doing good.
And who knew a Birthday Party had to have a theme. I thought Birthday Party was a theme. Dinosaur talk.
But, to my relevant topic. I was with my two oldest sons and their families. I thought about how only a few short years ago it was them in the high chair eating cake and getting it all over their faces. I wondered, even then, what they'd be when they grew up. A doctor? A lawyer? A policeman? I hoped they would choose well and be happy, but never wondered whether they would be rich when they grew up. That really never mattered. I just wanted them to be happy, to fulfill their God-given purpose on the earth and love Him with all their hearts. Wealth or the lack of it really didn't factor into the equation.
But, as I sat back and observed, I realized I had raised two young men who turned out to be unbelievably wealthy at a very young point in life.
I'm not basing this on the Barum & Bailey Birthday Party. No, I just stood back and observed for the weekend. Both of them have beautiful wives who, in spite of their shortcomings, love them unconditionally. In case that's not enough, they both have kids who practically worship them. God is honored in their homes and His Word is recognized as His Word.
That's WEALTH. That's TRUE RICHNESS. When they were little, I wondered what they'd be when they grew up. Who knew they'd be rich?



It's been a long, long time since I've been single. I'm not sure I even remember EVER being single...but I was. I always hear single people saying, "Being single today isn't like it was in your day!" Even though my generation said the same things to the generation that preceded us, I'm still sure it's true.
So much is assumed and expected these days. It seems like every other movie coming out is about a single guy and a single girl who want to have sex, but no relationship, as though that were possible. (By the way, it's not. You aren't wired that way. Dogs are, but people aren't.)
Lot's of temptations for Christian singles, but I think the biggest one is one they may not even realize. It's never talked about, and if it is, not as a temptation or a problem, but more as a reality, simply to be accepted and dealt with.
So, what am I talking about? It's the LIE you BUY that says, "I need to find the RIGHT ONE". That seems to be the number one priority of most singles, including, no, especially Christian singles. Nothing is too much to ask to complete this task. Move to another state. Change vocations. Change churches. Change friends. Change interests. WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIND MR./MISS RIGHT.
Here's my take on's totally BACKWARDS. If as much time, effort, money and stress were to be put into BECOMING the Right One as is put into FINDING the Right One, everything would be different.
Why would God bring a godly man/woman into your life if you haven't invested the time and attention to becoming the perfect part of a matched set? Think about it. It makes no sense. It's kind of like looking for the perfect job before you ever start school and get the necessary training. Or looking for the perfect house before you have an income to afford it. That doesn't make much sense. Just leads to frustration and unfulfilled gratification.
So, if you're single or know a single, may I suggest to you, stop looking for Mr.(or Miss) Goodbar, and decide to become the RIGHT ONE. When you do that, you free up God to send the RIGHT ONE your way.



I am so excited you have stopped by my blog. Starting this week, I will begin sharing what God is doing in my life and behind the scenes of Crosspoint. As you can see, this is still a work in progress but check back often as we are going to be posting new resources, video messages and much more.