I had surgery on my shoulder two weeks ago.  When I went back to have my stitches taken out, the nurse said, "We were talking about what you had written on your shoulder during your surgery."  (nice, but I hoped they were paying more attention to the inside of my shoulder than the outside!)  She said they were trying to figure out what language it was.  She asked, "Is it Russian?"  I told her it was Greek.  (did I get a smart enough doctor?)  "What does it say?"  Doulos.  "Doulos...what does that mean?"  It means Slave.  "Oh..(pause)...Do you mind if I ask why you have 'Slave' written on your arm?"  Not at all.  You see, I'm a Christ-follower, and as a Christ-follower, I believe there's no greater heights that a man can attain in this life than to be the slave...the bond-servant of Christ.
"Wow, that's pretty cool.  Most people just have things on them that don't mean anything".

Then, I told her about my next tattoo.  I told her the next one would be Ouios.  "Ouios, (pronounced wee-os) what does that mean?"  Well, that means Son.  You see, that's the other side of the coin.  For a Christ-follower you are both a Slave and a Son, all at the same time.

She stopped and looked at me, said, "That's so cool", then told me the doctor would be just a few minutes.  I know, you thought the story was going to be a lot cooler.  You thought she was going to ask me, "How can I become a Christ-follower?" and we would get down on our knees right there in the office and pray and....  Well, that's not the way it happened.  Sometimes you plant.  Sometimes you water.  Sometimes you fertilize.  Sometimes you reap.  But, you have to always be ready for every opportunity that God gives.  Even if it's just a tattoo testimony.