We are constantly warned about toxins in our air, water and food.  These come mostly from pollution and chemicals that so often pervade our lives.  Some we have control over.  Some we do not.
     However, the toxins that may do us the most harm are the ones that are almost undetectable.  These are the cultural toxins.  They are the things that are culturally acceptable, but have the capacity to do irreparable damage to our souls.  Cultural toxins can be found in the books, magazines and websites we read, the music we listen to, the television shows we watch, and in the movies we see.  As we allow these cultural toxins into our lives, it pollutes us.
     Over the next few days, we'll be looking at what God's Word has to say about the dangers of cultural toxins and the importance on recognizing them and focusing on the things that draw us in the direction of God, rather than these toxins.

Read Proverbs 25:26-27 & 3 John 1:11

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